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Chonburi, Thailand

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  • 使用多种渠道(但不限于电话、电子邮件、聊天、社交媒体和传真)为新老客户提供公司提供的所有产品的销售和服务。
  • 在处理所有客户交互,包括但不限于潜在客户生成、报价、销售、车辆检查、索赔查询、无索赔折扣和文件验证、客户账户维护、保单批改、支付跟进、续订和调查。
  • 在与客户的所有交互中,规范并加强销售和服务标准。
  • 以高度合规的方式处理信用卡详细信息,完成端到端的销售交易。
  • 通过提供卓越的客户服务,为实现目标做出个人贡献。
  • 通过提供及时响应、准确信息来处理所有客户的查询、问题和疑虑。
  • 向客户提供适当的销售和服务交易交付渠道的引导。
  • 确保所有客户的关注点和投诉在约定的服务承诺期内得到满意的解决。
  • 预测客户需求,处理投诉和潜在问题。寻找增加客户满意度的方法。
  • 通过提供“个性化”的服务与客户建立长期关系。
  • 根据需要处理上司指定的所有临时任务。
  • 具备商业管理或中文相关领域的学士学位(优待泰国华裔应聘者)。
  • 具有高度关注客户销售和服务的环境中的工作经验。
  • 具备出色的中文&英语口语和书写能力,优先考虑泰国国籍。
  • 有汽车保险、非寿险经纪人许可证方面的工作经验,特别是服务管理和客户支持管理的角色者优待。
  • 能够适应快节奏工作环境、跨职能团队中工作,注重客户、团队合作、创造力、时间管理、报告和分析技能。
Job Descriptions

Position: Service Expert Speak Chinese
Department: Customer Service
Location: Chonburi, Thailand

Job Duties
  • Provide sales and services on all products offered by the Company to new and existing customers using multi-channels but not limited to phone via inbound/outbound, email, chats, social media and faxes
  • Handle all the customer interactions during the customer journey includes but not limited to leads generation, quotations, sales, Car inspection, Claim enquiry, NCD and Document verification, customer account maintenance, policy endorsement, payment follow up, renewals and surveys.
  • Models and reinforces sales and service standards in all interactions with customers
  • Handle credit card details sensibly to complete end to end sales transaction in high compliance manner
  • Makes personal contribution to the achievement of retention goals by delivering an excellent level of customer service
  • Handles all customers’ enquires, problems, and concerns by providing accurate information that is timely and responsive
  • Educates and directs customers to appropriate delivery channels for sales and service transactions.
  • Ensures that all customers’ concerns and complaints are satisfactorily resolved within agreed service pledge.
  • Anticipates customer needs, handle complaints and potential problems. Seeks out ways to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Builds long-term relationships with customers by providing “individualized” service.
  • Handle all ad-hoc tasks as assigned by the Line Manager from time to time
  • Bachelor degree in business administration or related field
  • Preferably with past experience in a highly customer sales and service driven environment
  • Thai Nationality is preferable with excellence command of spoken and written English
  • Prior experiences in Auto Insurance with Non-life broker license, especially the role of Service Administration and Customer Support Management will be advantaged
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking – using logic and reason, creative and strategic
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline driven, cross-functional team, Customer Focus, Team Player, Creativity, Time Management, Strong Reporting & Analytical Skills
  • Annual Leave start from 12 days
  • Bonus
  • Party, TGIF, Coffee and Snack
  • Outing trip, Family trip or another activities
  • Health Insurance & Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance for family
  • Life Insurance
  • Provident Fund
  • Training
  • Computer


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