Compare Car Insurance Types

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5 types of car insurance coverages

If it's your first time buying car insurance in Thailand, understanding all the different coverage types can be overwhelming. There are 5 types of voluntary car insurance in Thailand, plus the compulsory insurance coverage or “Por Ror Bor”. We do a car insurance comparison, looking at the types and explain the different coverage items in every motor insurance policy.

Compare Car Insurance Types

Type 1 is the most comprehensive motor insurance type, and in order then you have type 2+, type 3+, type 2 and type 3 being the leanest voluntary insurance coverage.

The easiest way to compare these insurance types is to split the coverage in 3 categories:

1. Coverage for damages to your car

This is what most people think when they think of car insurance. This coverage category includes damages caused by collision with another vehicle, damages caused by you or by an unidentifiable third-party, theft, fire or a natural disaster, and damages to your windscreen.

A type 1 comprehensive insurance policy would include all of these coverages to your vehicle, while damages without another party and windscreen damages are excluded from any other type. Your car damages caused by an accident with another vehicle are also covered by type 2+ and type 3+ motor insurance policies, together with the towing service if the road accident is so bad that you cannot drive your car back.

Theft and fire are included by type 1, type 2+ and type 2 insurance coverage, but excluded in the type 3+ and type 3 policies.

Finally, type 1 car insurance covers for all natural disasters, while type 2+ only covers for flood damages. All other types exclude natural disasters, including flood.

2. Damages to others

This is actually the most important insurance coverage, and protects you from the damages you do to others. That includes damages to others people's property, such as a car or house, but also injuries or, in extreme cases, death. Compulsory motor insurance includes bodily injury liability but the coverage is limited. The "Por Ror Bor" insurance does not include coverage for liability for property damages. That means if you crash a Mercedes-Benz, and it's your fault, you will have to cover the steep repair costs of that vehicle.

To further show how important third-party liability coverage is, all motor insurance types include coverage for property damages and bodily injuries. Moreover, Roojai leaves you the choice to increase the bodily injury coverage if you want to feel more protected from any personal liability.

3. Other coverages

These are the additional coverages included in all motor insurance types. The Medical expenses item covers you and the passengers for medical bills and related expenses, including injuries caused by someone without or not enough insurance.

Personal accident coverage protects you for risks to a person's health in the event of bodily injury, disability, or death that results from any minor or major accident only. This excludes any pre-existing conditions, chronic diseases, or illnesses.

Bail bond coverage - covers the bail bond costs (hopefully you will not need it!). The amount is specified in the policy document with a minimum of ฿300,000.

Compare different car insurance coverage from Roojai

That's a lot of information to remember and that's why created this convenient table for you to compare car insurance by insurance types and the different insurance coverages.

Coverage details Type 1 Type 2+ Type 3+ Type 2 Type 3
Own damages - collision without a third party
Own damages - collision with a third party
Damages to the windscreen
Towing service
Natural disaster, including flood
Liability for third party property damages
Liability for third party bodily injuries and loss of life
Medical expenses
Personal accident coverage
Bail bond coverage

Remark: The company will compensate for damages to the vehicle during the insurance period as a result of natural hazards only floods. Damage caused by other natural hazards is not covered.

Own damages - collision without a third party - covers you for damage to your vehicle.

Own damages - collision with a third party - covers for damages to your vehicle when involved in an accident with another party.

Damages to the windscreen - in case your windscreen is damaged, we will cover the repair or replacement.

Towing service - in case your car needs towing after an accident, we will tow it to the nearest garage.

Theft - Insurance coverage over losses in case of burglary, robbery, and other theft.

Fire - Insurance coverage for any damage or loss to a vehicle because of a fire.

Natural disasters, including flood - natural disasters seasonally occuring in Thailand. Get coverage in case of flood, earthquake and so on.

Liability for third-party property damages - covers damage to other cars or property when you cause an accident.

Liability for third-party bodily injuries and loss of life - covers medical bills and compensation for other people's injuries or loss of life when you cause an accident.

Medical expenses - an amount specified in the car insurance policy that can be used to pay for medical expenses in the event of injury during an accident.

Personal accident coverage - protection for risks to a person's health in the event of bodily injury, disability, or death that results from any minor or major accident only. This excludes any pre-existing conditions, chronic diseases or illnesses.

Bail bond coverage - covers the bail bond costs (hopefully you will not need it!). The amount is specified in the policy document with a minimum of ฿300,000

What else to consider when you compare car insurance?

When doing a car insurance comparison, some important factors to pay attention to are:

  1. Low-cost premiums with high coverage for the best value for money
  2. Customizable plans based on the coverage you need
  3. Does not continuously raise your insurance premium

An insurance policy with Roojai will provide you with all this, as well as continuous insurance coverage as specified in the policy, and additional services, such as roadside assistance, car replacement, and car accessories additional coverage.

Where to compare car insurance quotes in Thailand?

When looking for reliable insurance in Thailand, it is important to compare car insurance quotes based on the coverage you need. Selecting your car insurance policy can be a big decision. If you need more information and would like to compare car insurance with other insurers on the market, allows you to compare 30 different insurance brands.

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What are the benefits of a car insurance policy with Roojai compared to others?

  1. Save up to 30% on your insurance policy with lower premiums and more coverage at Roojai
  2. Get car insurance quotes online instantly without submitting your email or phone number
  3. Get a 10% discount if you have a dash cam
  4. 30-minutes guaranteed arrival at the car accident scene
  5. 24-hour roadside assistance
  6. 12-month car repair warranty on preferred garages
  7. Make insurance claims easily with the Roojai mobile app
  8. Great claim experience with 4.7/5 customer satisfaction
  9. 100% money back guarantee if you find a better price with the same coverage
  10. Receive your insurance policy documents within 7 - 14 days or instant access if you select e-policy

Check your car insurance quote online with Roojai. We offer low-cost premiums but with higher than average coverage. Roojai car insurance offers insurance Type 1, 2, 2+, 3, or 3+ for you to choose from based on your driving needs. You can customize your insurance plans by increasing coverage and adding additional services, such as 24/7 roadside assistance or car replacement. We calculate premiums fairly based not only on the car but also on the driver and their past experience on the road. Our goal is to provide affordable insurance premiums with the highest protection, and better service. That is why our customers love us with the highest satisfaction rating for service reviews and claim reviews and consider us the best car insurance in Thailand.

Voluntary Car Insurance Types

Car Insurance Comparison FAQs

What is car insurance comparison?

Car insurance comparison is a consideration of 2 and more insurance coverages. Save your time and make decisions easier with help of a “Car insurance comparison” tool to compare car insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

Why compare car insurance?

Purchasing compulsory car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle. For voluntary insurance, instead of googling prices and advantages of every insurance separately all day long, just use a convenient tool where you can immediately choose the low cost insurance policy that suits your needs. After answering a few questions you can instantly get car insurance quotes from top companies and even buy insurance online.

What does typical car insurance cover?

Car insurance coverage depends on the type of policy you purchase. In Thailand, there are 5 voluntary insurance policies to choose from: Type 1, Type 2, Type 2+, Type 3, and Type 3+. Each policy offers a different level of coverage for several factors. These can include:

  • Damage to your vehicle as the result of a collision with or without a third party
  • Damage to the windscreen
  • Car towing service
  • Car theft, fire, and natural disaster (including flood)
  • Liability for third-party property damage, bodily injuries, and loss of life
  • Additional coverage, such as medical expenses, personal accident coverage, and coverage for bail bonds

Decide which policy is right for you by reading more about our voluntary car insurance in Thailand

Why buy a voluntary car insurance policy?

Voluntary car insurance is recommended to provide greater protection for yourself and your vehicle, as well as others on the road. While Thailand does require compulsory motor insurance, known as “Por Ror Bor”, this mandatory car insurance only provides limited benefits by way of compensation for medical expenses, loss of vital organ, death and permanent disability and 20 days of compensation at THB 200 a day.

With voluntary car insurance you can be confident that your vehicle, as well as yourself, your loved ones, and others involved in any unforeseen accidents are covered by a more comprehensive policy.

Where to buy car insurance with Roojai?

You can buy your insurance policy online through our website, call 02 582 8866 to talk to our award winning customer service or buy in person at one of our branches.

How much does car insurance cost?

The premium for car insurance varies based on the type of insurance you buy and the amount of coverage you require. Get your voluntary car insurance quote.

Tips for comparing car insurance:

Whether you own a car, lease a car, or drive someone else's car, car insurance is a must. However, you don't need overpay too much for coverage you will not use. We would like to give you some tips for purchasing the premium that covers your needs, so you can live a worry-free life!

  1. Consider your driving experience - Newbies drivers will get higher priced quotes due to lack of experience. Nevertheless, we recommend you to purchase the compulsory insurance along with voluntary in order to get full coverage.
  2. You can get competitive quotes from and compare the biggest companies and their premiums
  3. Make follow-up phone calls to insurance companies to get additional information about coverage or keep it simple, and get a quote online from Roojai
  4. Remember, it's important to provide trustworthy information in order to get covered in case of car accident.
  5. Review the policy before signing it and paying.


Customizable insurance plan Is a personalized insurance policy, which might include or deduct services based on your specified needs.
Newbie driver/Novice driver Driver with valid driving experience less than 2 years or periods adding up to two years
Non-collision event An incident where someone was injured while operating a vehicle or their vehicle suffered damages – yet that vehicle neither struck nor was struck by someone else