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Online Personal Accident Insurance with
Online Personal Accident Insurance with

Product Features for Personal Accident Insurance

  1. Insured aged between 1-65 years old
  2. Quickly get a quote by just answering a few questions
  3. Customise the plan and insurance coverage by yourself with one click
  4. Optional daily cash benefit while hospitalised because of an accident
  5. Coverage for accident medical expenses
  6. Optional insurance coverage for riding or travelling on a motorcycle, competing in dangerous sports, or risk of assault or murder
  7. Eligible for partial tax deduction, depending on the taxation law.

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Online Personal Accident Insurance with

Read the full plan details, assess your risk, and choose the right insurance coverage for you.
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Terms and Conditions for Personal Accident Insurance

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Terms and Conditions for Personal Accident Insurance

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Online Personal Accident Insurance with

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Roojai network hospitals

Roojai personal accident insurance customers can receive medical treatment for accidents without having to make an advance payment according to the sum insured in the policy at over 400 network hospitals across Thailand.

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Personal Accident Insurance FAQs

Which is the insurance company underwriting this policy?

AXA Insurance Public Company Limited

How is the insurance coverage for personal accident insurance?

You can easily customise the personal accident insurance coverage to fit your lifestyle. Each insurance plan offers a different level of coverage, and you can boost your plan with additional coverages. Customisations include:

  • accidental death, dismemberment, loss of sight or total permanent disability
  • loss of hearing, speech, fingers, and toes
  • Medical expense per accident
    • No advance payment when treated at our network hospital
    • Actual amount paid can be reimbursed but not exceeding the sum insured
  • daily compensation while in hospital (up to 20 days per accident)

What are the additional coverages available?

  • Coverage while riding or traveling on a motorcycle (cover 30% of the sum insured)
  • Coverage for dangerous sports
  • Coverage if assaulted or murdered

What are dangerous sports?

Racing of all kinds of cars or boat, horse racing, ski racing including jet-ski, skate racing, boxing, parachute jumping (except for the purpose of life saving), while boarding or travelling in a hot-air balloon, gliding, bungee jumping, diving with oxygen tank and breathing equipment under water

How old must the applicant be?

1 - 65 years old on the date of the application.

How to buy Roojai personal accident insurance online?

  1. Answer the health questions on our website
  2. Read the details of the plan of your choice
  3. Fill out the form, including the start date and the beneficiary
  4. Pay online and wait for the payment confirmation email

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay your personal accident insurance using one of the following methods:

  1. Credit card or debit card

What payment plans are?

Annual payment (for telesales and online sale)

  • The premium is paid in full before the insurance coverage starts.

Monthly instalment (only for telesales)

  • The first instalment is paid before the insurance coverage starts.
  • The next instalment must be paid within 30 days from the payment due date.*

Is the insurance premium eligible for a tax deduction?

Eligible for partial tax deduction, depending on the taxation law.

How to know that your insurance process has been completed?

After the payment, we will send a payment confirmation email and SMS with the insurance policy number. The policy will be active from your chosen start date. All your documents are available online 24/7 in MyAccount and after a few days, you will receive the physical copies of your policy documents, if requested.

When will you get your insurance policy documents?

Roojai will send you the policy via mail. We will send the documents to the address you indicated within 14 working days after the policy has been issued.

Can you buy multiple policies?

A person may buy only one personal accident insurance policy for himself/herself.

What if you provide false information?

Concealing any facts or making false statements will result in this insurance contract being voidable, which may cause the insurer to deny its liability under the insurance contract under section 865 of the Civil and Commercial Code

Who are the beneficiaries of the insurance policy?

You can specify a beneficiary or beneficiaries. In case of death, the company shall pay to the beneficiaries named in the schedule. If there are no beneficiaries named in the schedule, the company shall pay to the heirs.

How to make a personal accident insurance claim?

  • Claim for compensation – The insured, the beneficiary, or the representative must submit the needed evidence to the company at their expenses.
  • Claim for death or dismemberment compensation – The evidence must be submitted within 30 days from the insured death or dismemberment.
  • Claim for other compensation – The evidence must be submitted within 180 days from the date of the accident. (The claim will not be lost if there is a rational explanation of why it was impossible to claim within the specified period).*

How does the company pay the compensation?

The company will pay for the compensation within 15 days from the day that the company received the complete and correct documentation. The company will pay the death compensation to the beneficiaries, and other compensation will be paid to the insured.

If there is a suspicion that the insurance claim is not following the terms and conditions specified in the policy, the compensation payment period may be extended as necessary, but not over 90 days from the date the company has received the complete and correct documentation.

If the company cannot pay the compensation within the specified period, the company will be liable to pay interest at the rate of 15 per cent per annum of the amount to be paid from the due date of payment.*

*Please read the full details in the policy wordings.

Terms and conditions as specified by AXA

How to contact us?

Customer service 02 582 8855