Buy insurance to receive Roojai rewards. Then redeem them for gifts and special offers.

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Buy insurance with and share the experience on Facebook to receive Roojai rewards (new Roojai customers only).

Type of insuranceRoojai rewards
Type 11,000 points
Type 2+500 points
Type 3+400 points
Type 2200 points
Type 3200 points

How to redeem

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1. Login into My Account at

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2. Check your available points and redeem the gift of your choice.

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3. You will receive a confirmation message with the next step.

refer friends

Refer your friends to get more unlimited points.

Refer your friends to get more points, when your friend buys any type of policy you get 400 points.
Each referral (new Roojai customers only) gets an additional 100 points when they buy their first policy of any type with via Referrer’s link (existing Roojai customer).

Terms and conditions
  • You must share on Facebook within 30 days from the date you purchased the policy to be entitled to the Roojai Rewards.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • The company can change the conditions without prior notice.
  • reserves the right to revoke gift cards for customers who cancel their policy.
  • reserve the right to cancel any order which does not comply with the determined terms and conditions, as well as reserves the right to amend or revise any terms and conditions under promotions without prior notice. In the case of a dispute, the company’s decision is deemed final.
  • If you have further questions, please call 02 582 8866 (Mon-Fri 8: 00-20: 00/ Sat - Sun 9:00 - 18: 00 - closed on public holidays).