Instalment payments for insurance by debit or credit card

Roojai provides you the convenience to pay your insurance premium by a monthly instalment plan. Up to 10 instalments for your motor insurance and 12 instalments for your health and accident insurance.
No blocking of your credit limit and you can pay by debit card, too!

instalment payments for car insurance by debit or credit card with Roojai

Roojai will save you time and money with our simple, affordable, and reliable insurance products, thanks to our advanced technology and continuous innovation.

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10 monthly instalments and Roojai rewards Discount 10% for dash camera

What is an instalment payment plan?

This is a payment option that allows you to pay for your insurance premium month to month for 10 months for your car and motorbike insurance, and 12 months for your health and accident insurance. This way, customers who do not want to pay their annual insurance premium upfront, can choose to pay monthly to meet their financial needs.

1. What are the details of the monthly instalment plan?

Roojai instalment plan by debit card or credit card to help you by for your insurance

Roojai’s customers can choose to pay in 10 monthly instalments by debit card or credit card without blocking their credit limit for their car and motorcycle insurance, and pay in 12 monthly instalments for their accident and health insurance.

2. What are Roojai Rewards?

get discounts and gift vouchers when you buy insurance with Roojai

Roojai Rewards are reward points that Roojai offers to customers when they purchase insurance, renew online, or refer their friends. Roojai Rewards can be redeemed for fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers, our kangaroo doll, and much more. We are constantly working to expand the selection of available Roojai Rewards. For more details, visit our Roojai Rewards page.

3. What are the terms and conditions of the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

get 100% money back guaranteed if you find a better offer for your car insurance

We guarantee that Roojai offers you the best insurance. If you find a better price with the same insurance coverage and terms and conditions, you are entitled to cancel the policy within 14 days from purchase and full payment, with full refund. For the full terms & conditions visit the 100% Money Back Guarantee page.

4. How does the 'up to 10%' dash camera discount work?

get discounted motor insurance up to 10% if you have a dash cam

Roojai will give you a 10% discount if your car is equipped with a dash camera. But remember, in case of a road accident, if you cannot provide video footage of the claim event upon request or if the dash camera is not installed in the vehicle, Roojai reserves the right to charge you an excess of 1,000THB at the time of each insurance claim.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Instalment Plan?

Please carefully read the instalment plan terms and conditions.

Roojai provides you with an affordable insurance premium that you can pay monthly. To do so, Roojai advances the full premium to the insurer on your behalf, in compliance with the Cash-Before-Cover rule prescribed by OIC. By choosing this payment plan, you agree and accept that if you fail to pay for any instalment, you are in breach of our payment terms and conditions. As a result, Roojai will consider that you have instructed us to cancel your policy. We will ask the insurer to proceed with your policy cancellation. Roojai will attempt to inform you through email, SMS, registered mail, and phone. Without payment from you, your insurance policy will expire in no more than 14 days, depending on your instalment plan, after you’ve missed payment.