How to Buy Car Insurance

Making insurance affordable, reliable and simple wants to change how people buy insurance, by making every step easier. You can answer our questions through your smartphone or computer, and customize the insurance plan based on your needs. You can purchase a policy directly online. Or you can request a call from our expert customer assistants to help you choose the best plan for you and answer your questions.
How to Buy Car Insurance with

3 easy steps to get insurance instantly

1. Answer the questionnaire

Click on the button to start a quote, and fill in your information

  • Vehicle details
  • Driver details
  • Vehicle usage
  • No claim bonus (if any)
  • Car camera (if any)
2. Choose your coverage

Customize the plan to fit your needs

  • Insurance type
  • Excess
  • Garage plan
  • Driver plan
  • Compulsory (Add-on)
3. Buy Policy

Choose the payment method most convenient for you

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Internet banking
  • Counter service
  • Cash payment directy to

Who can buy car insurance ?

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Note: Your information will be kept confidential and stored. We will use it to provide the best car insurance quote for you.