24-hour emergency assistance

Roojai.com provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance throughout Thailand. We are offering free emergency help services in the first year. First class insurance customers, car service, car battery problem, forget key / open car door. And emergency refueling.

Ambulance Repair

Ambulance Repair
  • The car can not be driven. I will take care of you by coordinating with the technician to correct the symptoms at the scene as soon as possible.
  • The cost of travel and labor costs paid by the company. It will not cover equipment, spare parts and maintenance costs at the garage.
  • You can use this service up to 2 times a year.

Forklift Truck

Forklift Truck
  • The car is broken and can not drive. And the initial repair at the scene can not be done. Know your mind by coordinating the forklift truck. Move your car to the nearby garage provided by the company.
  • I will take care of this cost to you under conditions. However, it does not cover the repair fee at the garage, additional costs incurred. If you would like to bring your car to repair at a garage other than the nearby garage provided by the company.
  • You can use the service no more than once a year.

Battery problem

Battery problem
  • If the car does not start. The cause of the battery problem. I will take care of you by sending staff to help battery trailer to start the car can drive.
  • The cost of the service, labor and travel costs of technicians. However, it will not cover the cost of a new battery. In case of need change
  • You can use the service no more than once a year.

Lost / Unopened Door

Lost / Unopened Door
  • If you forget your keys in the car. Or not open the car door We will take care of you by sending staff to help at the scene.
  • Knowing the mind will take care of the cost of travel and service fees. But do not cover the key. Or repair costs.
  • You can use the service no more than once a year.

Emergency refueling

Emergency refueling
  • If the car is out of the way. I will take care of you by free refilling at the scene of not more than 5 liters per year.
  • We will take care of your travel expenses and fuel surcharge. It will not cover the excess oil from 5 liters in case the customer asks the officer to take further.
  • You can use the service no more than once a year.

Used car

Used car
  • In case of an accident with another car and your car is damaged, it takes more than 5 days to repair the garage.
  • We will take care of you by providing car for 5 days to repair the car and take care of the maximum car rental rate of not more than 1,500 baht / day,
    but will not cover the repair costs caused by the car in case. Collision without a party car, in case the repairing period is not more than 5 days
  • You can use the service once a year.
Terms of service
  1. For car insurance customers, the first floor of the mind. We will provide free emergency help services in the first year. And for customers to renew the policy for the second year. Please check the terms of your insurance policy for the purchase of this emergency service.
  2. Use of this privilege Only for emergency calls at 02 582 8844.
  3. Emergency assistance for 4 wheelers (Coupe and Pickup) and up to 10 years
  4. This service does not include replacement parts. And repair costs at the garage.
  5. The case has been confirmed and the staff has departed. In case of any cancellation, the customer will be responsible for all expenses incurred such as travel expenses.
  6. The company reserves the right to consider free of charge. For a distance of not more than 25 kilometers. If more than this, there is an additional cost. The customer is responsible for the excess costs incurred by the Company.
  7. Request for additional services in addition to the rights granted by the Company. Company is only a coordinator.
  8. The company reserves the right to evaluate collision damage and actual repair time. The company’s employees or repairers of the garage only.
  9. This is a free promotion service offered by the company. For new customers The Company reserves the right to consider the rights. Changes to terms, conditions and types of privileges without notice to the customer.
  10. Terms and conditions apply. The privileges offered by the company include:
    1. Car Repair Service Free car service to the scene of up to 25 km to help solve customer problems twice a year.
    2. Forklift Truck Service: Free forklift truck repairs at the nearby garage provided by the company. The case can not be solved by light repair at the scene and must be carried to a nearby repair yard. If the initial repair at the scene can not be done. The service is limited to 25 kilometers. If the customer wishes to repair the garage or any other center. The customer is responsible for the distance that is far more than the recommended distance by the company at a distance of 30 Baht
    3. Battery Problem: Free of charge for labor and transportation of technicians who we deliver to help start up to 25 km service up to 1 time per year, excluding expenses for new batteries. Need to change
    4. Lost / Unopened Door: Free of charge for travel up to 25 km. If the customer forgets the key in the car or open the car door. Service charge is not more than once a year. Or repair costs.
    5. Emergency oil refills: Free up to 5 liters of fuel per year. The nearest gas station is 25 km.
    6. Used car (Car crash only): Free special services related to car crash. Car rental service is available for replacement during repair as per the actual repair, which is assessed by the company’s technicians. The car will be provided after the 6th of the repair. The maximum rental rate per day is not more than 1,500 baht / day and can be used once a year. There is no cash payment, for example. Real repair 8 days. Car rental offer for 6 days and get this privilege for 3 days. This service is not included.
      • In the case of repair costs continue. That’s why the car is broken.
      • In case of collision with land vehicle but unidentified vehicle details and/or Third Party Vehicle run away
      • If the repairing period is less than 5 days
      • Car Rental If charged
      • Travel expenses for delivery or return of rental car. For a distance of more than 25 kilometers
      • In case Third Party Vehicle which is owned or under care of the Insured, or the driver, or spouse, parents and children of the Insured or the driver
  1. Use of this privilege In case of emergency call, please call 02 582 8844
  2. Knowing to be a customer service coordinator. Under conditions. Excessive use of the customer and cost. Customers are responsible for themselves.
  3. The above services. Excluding spare parts that need to be replaced and other ongoing expenses beyond the company’s entitlement.