Car Insurance Online Renewal Guide

You can easily manage your car insurance renewal through Roojai MyAccount. Here is our simple and easy how-to guide to renew your car insurance policy online.

How to Buy Car Insurance with

Step 1

car insurance renewal made easy |

Log in to MyAccount through the website or the Roojai Mobile App. You can use email, phone number, or Thai ID/Passport to login. Then you will receive a one-time password through SMS or email to confirm your login.

Step 2

car insurance policy renewal |

Review all your car insurance policy details by selecting "Policies"

Step 3

car insurance renewal with

Select "Renewal" for the car insurance policy that you want to renew

Step 4

customize your car insurance policy with

Select "Edit" to customize your auto insurance coverage details then select "CONFIRM RENEWAL"

Step 5 rewards good drivers, try the online insurance renewal portal and reep the no claim bonus benefits

Check your insurance policy details, and select "Confirm and next" to go to the next step.

Step 6

your auto insurance renewal complete in just 8 steps | Car Insurance Online

Select your favourite payment method, input the payment details and select your preferred payment frequency. You can also renew and defer the payment closer to policy start date. Finally select our auto-renewal option to avoid any gap in your car insurance coverage. Once you are done, click on "Confirm payment"

Log in to Roojai MyAccount for your motor insurance online renewal

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