Roojai Mobile App

Make insurance easier in one application with Roojai.
Check your policy, get exclusive notifications, do a video car inspection, manage your insurance claims, and redeem Roojai Rewards. Anywhere, anytime.

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Roojai mobile app allows you to complete all your insurance needs in one place, where ever you are
Easily make a video insurance claim, inspect your vehicle or call out for emergency assistance, all within one app from Roojai Insurance

What are the features of Roojai Mobile App?

Our mobile application is designed so you can handle all your insurance needs in one place wherever you are.

The app main features are:

  1. Car Inspection through video call
  2. Complete your car inspection fast and easy through a quick video call.
  3. Report an insurance claim with real-time GPS tracking
  4. Track your surveyor in real-time without wondering how much longer you have to wait.
  5. Request 24/7 roadside assistance service
  6. Whether your car broke down, you ran out of petrol, lost your car key or face battery problem, we'll send our team to help.
  7. Emergency call while on the road
  8. All the main emergency phone numbers are listed and accessible within our app.
  9. Find a repair garage near you, and our network hospitals across Thailand.
  10. Retrieve your insurance policy documents online, anytime.
  11. Redeem Roojai Rewards vouchers
  12. Need more help? Click "Call Us" and contact our 24/7 Service Hotline.

How to install Roojai Mobile App?

  1. Search and Download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. Use your passport number, mobile or email for registration
  3. Get your one-time password (OTP) via mobile phone or email
  4. Enter the OTP to verify your account
  5. Enable Face/Fingerprint ID for easy future access