Motorbike Insurance Type 3+

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Details of Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Type 3+

Damage to the motorbike body

Damage to your motorbike - Collision with a third party.

The company will compensate for damages to the vehicle including specified additional accessories, equipment and any fixtures during the insurance period caused by collision with third-party.
Limits of liability : maximum ฿ 100,000 per occurrence.

Third Party Liability

Third Party Property Damage Liability

The Company will pay for damage to third party property caused by your vehicle that occurs during the period of insurance. The company is only liable for the first 5 million baht of each incident.
Limits of liability : maximum 600,000 baht per time.

Third Party Liability for Injury or Death

The Company will pay for any impact to the life or health of a third party as a result of your vehicle during the policy period.
Limits of liability : maximum of 300,000 baht per person up to 10 million baht per time.

Additional coverage

Medical expenses

The Company will pay medical expenses as a result of injury, permanent disability or death caused by your motorbike.
Limits of liability: Adjustable, not exceeding ฿ 200,000 per person.

Personal accident coverage

The Company will compensate for death, permanent loss of hands or vision and permanent disability to the driver and passengers caused by your motorbike.
Limits of liability: Adjustable, not exceeding ฿ 200,000 per person.

Bail bond coverage

The Company will cover costs as a result of injury or death to the driver as a result of a motorbike accident in your motorbike.
Limits of liability : as stated in the policy schedule.

monthly instalments

Monthly instalments
by debit or credit card

Roojai Rewards

Roojai Rewards
up to ฿1,500

Q & A

How does offer low insurance premiums for motorcycle insurance type 3+?

We guarantee that offers you the best price. You can pay in 10 instalments by debit or credit card and enjoy special gifts and shopping vouchers from us.

How can I buy motorcycle insurance type 3+ with

How can I buy motorcycle insurance type 3+ with You can visit and click on “Motorbike Insurance” to start the process. It will take you a couple of minutes to answer a few questions, to see a customized insurance plan. We always show the best value for money plan first (best insurance coverage at the lowest price). If our chosen plan doesn’t fit you, you can further customize it by changing the options. When you are ready, make a payment by debit or credit card, transferring money by internet banking or using PromptPay. After payment, you will receive an SMS and email confirmation. The staff will inform you of the insurance policy details and confirm once again.

Motorcycle insurance type 3+ repairs

You can bring vehicles to the preferred garages by LMG Insurance.

You can find the list of our preferred garage here

Promotions and discounts for motorcycle insurance type 3+

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