Car Problems You Should Fix Immediately

As is the nature of machines, cars can develop problems at any time. These can also be small or large, important or not. But perhaps you have not budgeted for the repairs as they have just sprung up unexpectedly.

This is why it is important to know what needs addressing immediately and what can be left until a later time when your finances are a little healthier. Your favourite mechanic will be able to tell you straight away what needs fixing immediately, but here at we wish to share pointers on diagnosing car problems.

Strange Engine Noises

If you start to hear knocking or clunking noises coming from your engine that either get louder when you accelerate or not, the engine needs to be checked straight away. There are a number of reasons why these noises might be happening, and the causes range from something simple right up to severe problems such as the big-end.


If there is a puddle under your engine then it can either be water, fuel or oil. In all cases, the problems need to be attended to immediately. If the leak is because of a coolant problem, then this could make your engine overheat and cause big problems.

Other leaks are just as dangerous such as fuel or brake fluid leaks. In such scenarios, these leaks can be the cause of major accidents. You should check your vehicle’s coolant levels at least once a month and ensure that brake fluid levels are assessed during your regular car service.

Rumbling Noises from the Tyres

Tyre noises such as rumbling can indicate a couple of things. The first is the wheel is not balanced properly. If this is the case, it is not an immediate problem but may develop into one if you don’t address it as soon as you can.

Another reason for tyre noise is because of the tread wearing out in certain places. On inspection, if you see any bald patches on the rubber then the tyre needs to be changed immediately.

Problems with tyres are pretty cheap to get fixed if you act promptly, but if you leave them over a period of time you may have to replace a full set of tyres or, worse still, a tyre may blow causing an accident.

Brakes Don’t Feel Responsive

If you feel that there are any problems with the brakes on your vehicle act immediately and drive to a garage. You may have noticed the brake pedal is not as responsive as it used to be, or that it almost reaches the floor before it engages the brakes.

This could indicate a couple of things: perhaps the brake fluid level is too low, or a brake cylinder may be leaking. If you hear grinding noises coming from the brakes this normally means that the brake pads are worn and need replacing, or even that there is a problem with the wheel bearings.

All of the above are common problems that can happen to a car at any time.  You can try to pre-empt these things happening by doing regular self-maintenance checks once a month for older cars or if you drive a lot of miles. These checks may prevent serious and expensive problems later on.