Roojai Amplifies Impact: Transforming Lives with Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Roojai Amplifies Impact: Transforming Lives with Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Roojai, leading online insurance platform in Thailand, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its heartfelt donation campaign with Habitat for Humanity Thailand, a renowned global nonprofit working towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Since 2020, Roojai has been committed to making a meaningful difference. Through an innovative rewards system, Roojai’s customers have been part of a movement that transformed loyalty points into a force for good, culminating in a combined donation of 100,000 THB to further Habitat for Humanity Thailand’s initiatives.

“Roojai stands for more than insurance—we’re advocates for impactful change. Our joint efforts with Habitat for Humanity Thailand underscore our dedication to fostering sustainable and equitable development. Every small step can lead to vast improvements, and this campaign is proof of the incredible results that can come from collective ambition and shared principles,” said Sylvain Charroin, Country Manager of Roojai Thailand

Customers of Roojai have shown overwhelming support over the three-year campaign, with 47,510 THB redeemed in coupons. Roojai matched this with an equal contribution, thus enhancing the charitable impact. These funds are earmarked to bolster Habitat for Humanity

Thailand’s mission to improve living conditions for vulnerable populations and offer them a chance at a better, more stable life.

“The commitment and generosity of Roojai and its customers stand as a beacon of hope for many. This alliance has not only delivered crucial funding but has also heightened the visibility of the need for secure and affordable housing. With Roojai’s creative campaign, we can keep building on our promise for an improved future for communities throughout Thailand. Together, we are making significant strides towards a nation where every person can have a safe place to call home,” said Kittiphun Khongsawatkiat, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Habitat for Humanity Thailand has been pivotal in providing housing solutions and support services for over 25 years. Their work includes constructing and rehabilitating homes, improving water and sanitation facilities, and empowering communities through education and financial independence programs. The contribution from Roojai will directly support these efforts, playing a crucial role in their continued success. As Roojai looks to the future, the company continues to seek ways to contribute meaningfully to society, driven by a vision that echoes Habitat for Humanity’s: to create a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.

About Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Habitat for Humanity Thailand (HFHT) was established in 1998. HFHT improves the quality of Thai people by building homes and transforming communities. We work with like-minded partners, focusing on holistic development and sustainable change to achieve a positive and lasting impact.

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