Krungthai Panich Insurance

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Krungthai Panich Insurance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd. It is a leading non-life insurance company in Thailand with reliability and stability as the top. Of Thai Non-Life Insurance Company Guaranteed by the award received from the agency.

This indicates the standard quality of professional operations. Krungthai Panich Insurance Co., Ltd. Also a subsidiary. Krung Thai Bank PCL That can prove to the stability. The image. Quality of service and financial security with total capital of Baht 5,068 million (as of June 2015).

For over 62 years
Krungthai Panich Insurance has been trusted by more than 14 million Thais.

With the care of quality service standards by bringing modern technology to develop work processes. To provide customers with impressive service from professional service. And still continue to develop the company. Taking into account the maximum benefit of customers, partners, business partners. And the shareholders are important. To adhere to business ethics. With transparency and integrity, we are ready to take care of all our customers. To have a bright and bright future alongside Thai society. To create the future of Thai people to have a good and lasting quality of life.

This cooperation will make customers more confident.
With insurance from the company. Krungthai Panich Insurance (Public) Co., Ltd.
, with its fast and modern insurance system,
is a new phenomenon in car insurance. To make you happy
The service is fast and standard. At your price