How does qualify drivers for lower insurance premiums?

How does Roojai qualify drivers for lower insurance premiums?

Voluntary Motor Insurance

The main driver
The main driver must have at least 2 years of driving experience and between the age of 20-70.

We choose to provide coverage only to people with driving experience to keep our premium low.

addition to the main driver
In addition to the main driver, you can also add up to 3 other drivers, all of whom are required to have a valid driver’s license.

The policy holder identifies the main driver(s). Selecting drivers older than 30 years will provide the most cost-effective coverage and lower your premium.

Driving history
Driving history,The driver must not have been arrested or have his/her driver license revoked in the past 5 years. does not provide coverage for drivers who have been revoked their driver license or jailed because of drunk driving or speeding.

Vehicle usage and car registration
Vehicle usage and car registration,The vehicle must be registered in Thailand and not used for commercial or rentalpurposes.

Commercial and rental vehicles have higher risk of accident because they are used more frequently. The average annual mileage of such vehicles is usually much higher than that of personal ones.. So we decided not to cover these type of vehicles to maintain lower prices for our customers.

Motor Insurance Commercial Usage

Getting a car, which is used to support a business or job, insured by

We care about our customers. Therefore, we respond to a wider range of customers’ lifestyles by providing car insurance that can be used to support a business or job for a group of customers in order to get a cheaper price. We guarantee that offers you the best price. If you find a better price with the same vehicle insurance coverage and terms and conditions, you are entitled to cancel the car insurance policy with 100% refund. provides car insurance online that is simple, affordable, and reliable.

The qualifications for car usage to get insured by

A car that is used to support a business or job may be insured if adhering to the following three purposes;

  • The car will not be used to transport people in exchange for a fee (ex. Taxi, Grab, LINEMAN)
  • The car is not a rental vehicle
  • The car will not be used to transport goods

We reserve our right to cancel your car insurance policy or change our underwriting decision on your policy in the event that:

  • the maximum weight of the vehicle when loaded exceeds 4 tones.
  • the vehicle is used for public hire or rental.
  • the vehicle is equipped with specialized equipment. (e.g. refrigeration units, liquid tanks, cement mixers, and hydraulic / dumping pick-up truck beds)
  • the vehicle is a pick-up and is used to transport passengers or livestock in the bed of the pick-up truck.
  • the vehicle is used to pick up any of the following:
    • Animals
    • Corrosive or oxidizing substances
    • Explosives or flammable chemicals
    • Garbage
    • Illegal items
    • Substances that cause infection or genetic disorders
    • Nuclear objects or radioactive substance
    • Chemical poison
    • Any material that poses a hazard to humans, animals, plants, objects, or the environment