Garage List offers two options for your car repair.

car repair garage | car insurance online Repair at our preferred garages and KPI have set up partnerships with many carefully chosen car repair garages around Thailand. These preferred garages provide great service and high-quality car repair at a lower cost to us. We pass on this cost saving to you, by offering you lower car insurance premiums for our repair at our Preferred garages option.

We also offer you a 12-month warranty for repairs carried out by our Preferred garages, to reassure you that the work is of the highest quality!

car repair garage options from car insurance in Thailand Repair at any garage

This option gives you total freedom: you can bring your vehicle to any car repair places in Thailand. This includes official dealer garages for your car’s brand. and KPI have relationships with many dealer garages. Using one of listed garages will make the repair process easier and quicker for you.

Alternatively, with the Car Repair at any garage option, you can repair your vehicle at another garage not in garage list. However, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make arrangements with the car repair garage.