Key benefits

Key benefits covid-19 online insurance with
  • Valid for the Thailand Pass requirements (official mandatory document to enter Thailand)
  • 100% online purchase on Roojai website, underwritten by FWD insurance
  • Clear and comprehensive product coverage
  • Convenient and secure online payment via credit and debit card
  • English claim customer service hotline

Product features

  • Meet the 20,000 USD health insurance requirement to apply for the Thailand Pass
  • Buy online and immediately receive your insurance policy schedule via email
  • No deductible and no advance payment for hospitalization in our hospital network
  • The policy period can be customised according to your traveling plan
Product features covid-19 online insurance with

IMPORTANT: please check with your local Thai embassy or consulate about the required length of insurance policy for your Thailand Pass or visa application

Coverage 20,000 USD 30,000 USD 100,000 USD
Sum insured (THB)
Lump sum compensation in case of coma caused by COVID-19 700,000 1,750,000 3,500,000
Medical expenses while hospitalized due to COVID-19 700,000 1,750,000 3,500,000
Lump sum compensation in case of coma caused by COVID-19 vaccination 30,000 75,000 150,000
Funeral expenses in case of loss of life from injury 1,000 2,500 5,000
Trip period (days) Total premium (THB)
(including VAT and stamp duty)
30 650 1,700 2,250
60 1,050 2,950 3,750
90 1,500 4,150 5,250
120 1,900 5,300 6,750
180 2,750 7,650 9,750
270 3,550 10,000 12,750
365 4,200 11,750 15,000
Terms and Conditions
  1. Age of the insured must be 1-85 years old from the date of the insurance application.
  2. Limited to 1 policy per person
  3. The applicants must be a non-Thai national and purchase this policy before applying for the Thailand Pass according to Thai immigration requirements.
  4. This policy has a 14-day waiting period OR the insured shall provide a negative PCR test result within 72 hours prior to the policy effective date.

Please read through the full terms and conditions and choose the right coverage for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 02 582 8866 if you have any question.

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Which is the insurance company underwriting this policy?

FWD General Insurance Public Company Limited

Will the insurance policy provide coverage for asymptomatic or mild symptoms?

The policy provides coverage for medical expense for hospitalised in-patients based on conditions and symptoms of medical necessity in accordance with the Ministry of Health's guideline. The current guidelines are as follows:

  • Having a fever of over 39°C for more than 24 hours
  • Breathing rate is more than 25 times per minute (for adults)
  • Oxygen saturation is below 94%
  • Having underlying disease, which requires close monitoring as per doctor’s diagnosis
  • Shortness or difficulty to breath, lethargy, decreased food intake (for children)

Will the insurance policy provide coverage for quarantine expenses?

No, the policy provides coverage only for in-patient medical expenses due to COVID-19, in accordance with the Ministry of Health's medical guidelines.

Who is eligible to use the medical expenses coverage without advance payment upon being admitted to a hospital as an in-patient?

A patient will be entitled to use the medical expenses coverage without advance payment if diagnosed with COVID-19 infection and presenting one or more of the 5 indicative symptoms, whether severe symptoms or mild/asymptomatic as per Ministry of Health's medical guidelines. They will need to present their Roojai Care Card and identification document to use this benefit.

If I am not entitled to use medical expenses coverage without advance payment, can I claim for reimbursement?

You can submit your COVID-19 insurance claim and we will review the claim in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.