What is medical expense coverage?

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Medical expense coverage is an amount specified in the car insurance, motorbike insurance, or personal accident insurance policy that can be used to pay for medical expenses in the event of injury during an accident. The policy covers all reasonable medical expenses for injuries, and health care, including drugs prescription, medical consultations, hospitalization, surgeries, or transportation to facilities (depending on your chosen coverage).

What is medical expenses coverage?

It is important to understand medical expenses and learn how to protect yourself from additional spending Medical expenses arise for diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease that affects part of the body or function. These costs include payments for medical services, doctors' fees, and the cost of equipment, supplies, and diagnostic devices used.

The primary purpose of medical expense coverage is to prevent financial downfalls caused by physical or mental disorders or illnesses. However, this doesn’t include expenses for general health like vacations or vitamin prescriptions.

Medical expenses, as well as transportation expenses to medical institutions, might be included in insurance premiums for car insurance, motorbike insurance, and medical payments coverage can also be added to personal accident insurance policies. Make sure to check if your premium covers medical expenses and what medical payments are eligible in your insurance policy.

Is medical expense coverage worth it?

Medical expense insurance is a medical reimbursement. Typically the insured person can pay their deductible for the services provided, and the insurance company will reimburse the medical service provider. Depending on your contract, you may have to pay the bill completely and claim reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Medical expense insurance provides financial protection against the cost of medical care for accidents and illnesses.

For instance, medical expenses can be divided into the following categories:

  • HOSPITAL EXPENSES - Daily room and board, miscellaneous expenses
  • SURGICAL EXPENSES - Cost of surgeon’s services, anesthesiologist
  • PHYSICIANS' EXPENSE - Office visits, non-surgical care by a physician while hospitalized
  • NURSES' EXPENSES - Private nursing care
  • CONVALESCENT CARE EXPENSE - Skilled nursing facility expense

What are examples of medical expenses?

The list of medical expenses is limitless. It includes payments to doctors, surgeons, and other medical specialists. Payments for in-patient hospital care or dental work needed due to an accident. Additionally, payments for transportation to medical facilities include standard mileage rate calculations.

Difference between medical expenses coverage and health insurance?

Sometimes Medical Expenses are not covered by health insurance or PA (personal accident) insurance. However, the premiums of Roojai’s personal accident insurance are designed thoroughly, so you can add on this option.

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Roojai can help you to save your money and time with our brand new product add-on - medical expenses coverage. It is time to live a worry-free life and let Roojai deal with all the expenses for you.

Medical expenses coverage FAQs

  • What are medical expenses?
    Medical expenses are the costs spend to treat or prevent illness, including consultations, and examinations, prescriptions, co-pays, subscriptions, glasses, wheelchairs.
  • Which insurance covers medical expenses?
    Voluntary car insurance, Voluntary motorbike insurance, Personal accident
  • How does medical expense coverage work?
    Medical expense insurance is a premium that is designed to cover the out-of-pocket expenses we have mentioned above.
  • How much does medical expense coverage in car insurance cost?
    You can select medical expense coverage as an add-on option to your car insurance, motorbike insurance or pa insurance up to 387 THB.
  • What's the difference between liability coverage and medical expense coverage?
    Liability coverage protects every insured under the insurance policy in case they are responsible for the accident. Medical expense coverage covers your or your passengers’ medical payments disregarding which party is responsible for an accident.
  • What are the limits of medical expense coverage?
    Limits of medical expense coverage vary from your selected insurance policy. In case of a personal accident, the medical expense might vary from 10,000 THB to 50,000 THB.
  • How to contact Roojai?
    Please contact our award-winning customer service 02 582 8866 to assist you.

Tips before purchasing medical expenses coverage

  • Always check your health insurance coverage before purchasing add on options like medical coverage. Remember more expensive plans might cover more!
  • Compare premiums from different companies and summarise the benefits.
  • Ask your insurance provider about excluded medical payments from your premium.
  • Purchase additional medical expenses coverage.


Residential nursing home

Is a home for elderly people to live in while their family isn't able to care for them

Out-of-pocket expenses

are Expenses that are not covered by your insurance premium.