Roojai Online Car Insurance reaches 50,000 customers

Nicolas Faquet, CEO | Online Car Insurance in Thailand

We continue to capitalize on technology to provide car insurance products that meet customers’ needs at the best value for money.

Nicolas Faquet, chief executive officer and founder of, the leader of online big bike insurance and the best car insurance in Thailand, said: “ currently serves 50,000 customers with an insurance renewal rate of 75%. We are confident to generate 575 million baht in premiums, a 90% growth compared to the previous year. We remain on target to achieve 1BTHB by 2020 as communicated in 2018.” “This is the result of providing transparent, easy to customize product features to our customer. They are buying what they need and just what they need rather than being sold more expensive product usually pushed by traditional distribution channels.”

Insurance Mobile App | Online Car Insurance in Thailand

He continued “Technology, automation, and self-serving customers allow us to keep our costs down and transfer the savings to our customers, while at the same time providing a seamless digital journey. Car drivers are able to check prices and purchase an insurance policy via the website. They can also adjust the policy coverage as desired by themselves, while enjoying an easy-to-use and secure payment system. The Roojai Mobile App allows customers to perform video-streaming car inspections and notify claims with one click.”

“We are also on the final stretch of our 2019 marketing campaign, World Shocking Rewards, in which we are giving away monthly rewards worth a total of 33 million baht. The participants will have a chance to win prizes such as a MAZDA 3 at the end of the campaign. The grand-prize winner will be announced after the campaign ends on December 31st. Moreover, the company remains active in brand building across multiple channels, from above the line covering mainstream media and online media, to below the line. The company has recently launched Road to the Future, a competition designed to seek new ideas from university students to improve road safety and find ways to reduce car accidents with the help of technology. Winners will receive cash prizes with total value of 180,000 baht. Application opens November 30 this year.

The competition is expected to help generate greater awareness about road safety among youths, while providing with an opportunity to network with talented technology enthusiasts.