30-Min Car Accident Scene Arrival Guarantee

30-Min Car Accident Scene Arrival Guarantee

Roojai.com, always be there when you need us.

We guarantee to get you help at the accident scene within 30 minutes, in all districts of Bangkok or Amphor Muang of other provinces in Thailand.

Terms and Conditions
  1. This guarantee is only for accidents occurring in Bangkok or Amphur Muang of any province in Thailand.
  2. This guarantee is only for fresh claim involving another land vehicle or third-party at scene.
  3. If we are not able to live up to the guarantee we, in our absolute discretion, will compensate you.
  4. You must report an accident immediately via Roojai Mobile App or Claim Hotline in order to be eligible for the compensation.
  5. Time of arrival will start counting from the response confirmation by our member of staff, which is recorded in Roojai Mobile App or Claim Hotline system.
  6. The consideration of your eligibility for this guarantee is subject to the information of the Accident Investigation Report, the time of accident report, the time of departure to the scene, the accident acknowledgement report, and the time of response confirmation by the surveyor recorded in our system.
  7. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without a prior notice to you.
  8. The guarantee shall exclude:
    • (a) accidents happened on tollways and restricted area where you or Roojai.com are not legally able to access;
    • (b) any delay caused, either directly or indirectly, by natural hazards, force majeure, accident happened to our member of staffs, and the enforcement of any laws of Thailand;
    • (c) both parties later agree to settle the dispute regardless of a reason; and
    • (d) a police officer or any authority schedules the settlement for the parties at the police station after the accident.

The following definition shall apply:

“accident scene / scene” means the original and first location where an accident of insured vehicle reported to us via Roojai claim app or Claim hotline occurs;

“guarantee” means, subject to the above terms and conditions, the guarantee of our arrival to an accident scene within 30 (thirty) minutes;

“Roojai.com / We / Our / Us” means Roojai Service Co., Ltd. which shall include our members of staff or any other persons appointed by us; and

“you / your” means the driver of insured vehicle which may or may not be an insured.

Updated 18/01/2019

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30-minutes guaranteed arrival at the accident scene

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