Why You Should Regularly Do a Car Check Up

Sometimes it is easy to take your car for granted.  It gets you to where you want to go and performs the most mundane of tasks as well as taking you on holiday and fun days out.

But taking care of your car is highly important to keep it on the road and also as a safe means of transport. You will regularly take your car to a garage for a service, but it is also advisable to undertake simple maintenance tasks to ensure the car is in proper working condition between these services.

Your insurance company will also take into account if your car is regularly serviced as it prolongs the life of the vehicle and cuts down repair bills. So, all in all, making sure that your car is well maintained is a win-win situation. If you are not sure about how regular maintenance checks can affect your premiums, contact us for some friendly advice.

The Oil

The oil in your engine ensures that everything is running smoothly and even though your oil indicator light may not be glowing red, always check the levels as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Oil changes are one of the most fundamental maintenance procedures and should never be overlooked.

Tyre Pressure

Every garage has a tyre pressure gauge and a high-pressure air hose to top up your tyres’ air. Most garages do not charge for this service and it is extremely quick and simple to do.

Improperly inflated tyres can cause numerous problems, including blow-outs and excess usage of fuel as your car has to use excess energy to work efficiently. In addition, if you are going on a long journey and have packed the car with luggage and passengers, the extra weight will require a different tyre pressure.

The Brakes

It is obvious what the brakes do for a car but waiting until you can hear a screeching sound or feel a rumble when you press the brake pedal is not sufficient. You should always check your brakes are functioning properly.

Rather than trying this yourself, it is best if you have them checked when you take your car for a service.

Tyre Condition

As well as checking tyre pressure you should also check the tread on your tyres regularly. The tread gives the tyres their traction on the road and is really important in wet conditions to prevent you from having an accident.

Your tyres also tell you a great deal about other parts of your car. If they are only worn down on one side, then your car’s tracking is incorrect. If the tyres have sporadic bald patches, this can be a sign that the wheels are incorrectly balanced. Low tread or bulges often cause blow outs which can cause nasty accidents.

The Lights

The lights on your car do not just help in illuminating the road, but they are also vital for other road users to spot you. You need to check all the lights on your car regularly including, signal, brake, reverse as well as headlights.

The easiest way to do this is with the aid of a friend, so as you sit in the car engaging the different lights your observer can check if the lights are working.

Looking after your vehicle is really important as it can not only save you money it can keep you safe from harm and prevent accidents.